We are a direct sales and marketing firm located in Melbourne.  We specialize in creating personalized quality results between our clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. Our professional and actionable methods guarantee our clients results,  quality brand awareness and long lasting customer relationships.
Our highly motivated and ambitious sales and marketing team has years of hands-on experience, and is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum results across all campaigns.


Detailed territory planning and a genuine face-to-face introduction with a smile, allows us to ensure that we can offer our clients a 100% return on investment. But more importantly we will deliver a quality customer who genuinely believes in the product or service and wants to be a part of their brand.


We believe that our promotional and event campaigns should be specific, tailored, but most importantly, put our clients’ brands out to as many people as possible. We can create more brand awareness compared to many traditional forms of advertising. We do it with a big smile and a hand shake, which helps us attract an unprecedented amount of people on a weekly basis.


Our business to consumer campaigns are the most powerful. ¬†Statistics show that when a consumer is comfortable in their own environment they are more relaxed to saying “yes”, resulting in a long term customer relationship.