Outsource Australia reveal Excitement for this year’s Olympic Games

Less than 70 days before the start of this year’s Olympic Games, Outsource Australia shares their excitement for this popular sporting event and reveals why the firm hopes to inspire sporting candidates for their upcoming campaigns.


From 5th to 21st August 2016, the world will be watching the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At this year’s multi-sports event, 207 member nations of the International Olympic Committee are competing against each other. Melbourne-based sales and marketing company Outsource Australia is extremely excited about the upcoming event: “We love the Olympic Games. It is inspiring to watch how the Olympics can drive motivation, not only for sportsmen and women but also our clients and contractors. The Olympic spirit is unique and gets people involved. Everyone wants to be a part of it,” explains Outsource Australia.


In fact, the Australian Olympic Committee’s benchmark study predicts that Australia is set to double its gold medal count this year and achieve 13 gold medals, compared to seven in 2012, as well as make it into the top seven this time. Overall, Australia is expected to win 37 medals, made up of 14 silver and 10 bronze medals. Outsource Australia says: “The entire country is in Olympics fever. This year, the Olympic Games will be a special experience for us.” The firm is particularly excited by the event because one of their charity clients is working directly with the Olympics. Outsource Australia explains: “We are therefore currently looking for excited individuals who have that competitive edge and are excited to be a part of our upcoming campaign and get people more active.”


Outsource Australia is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm’s mission is to run effective sales and marketing campaigns for their clients by increasing their customer retention and return on investment. In order to make the upcoming campaigns a success alongside the Olympic Games, Outsource Australia is currently looking for sporting candidates as they believe they will inspire consumers and others to come forward who want to be a part of it. “From years of experience we have come to realise that sports and sales have so much in common. Passionate sportsmen and women can easily fascinate others with their true passion and motivation to drive performance and beat the competition,” explains Outsource Australia. The firm is confident that in the weeks to come and during this year’s Olympic Games, they will triple the amount of new customers they acquire for their charity client.