Outsource Australia Pty: Boost Your Motivation by Adding These People to Your Snapchat

Technology can be hugely influential in helping people to achieve and maintain motivation.  Melbourne based direct marketing experts, Outsource Australia Pty have shared the people to follow on snapchat to boost motivation. 

As relativity young firm, direct marketing experts Outsource Australia are always looking for new technologies and tools that can help their contractors succeed within the industry. As well as utilizing well known time management tools and organization apps, the firm also uses a number of apps and online sources for motivating their young workforce and to help them maintain the high levels of inspiration and drive needed to succeed in a competitive environment.

As well as the obvious TED Talks and YouTube videos, which are renowned for their uplifting, ambitious messages, Outsource Australia also encourage their contractors to use Snapchat as a rich source of motivation.  Far from being a novelty app that is only used for funny messages and photo editing, Snapchat is regularly used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and offers quick daily insights into their life as entrepreneurs and the things that push them to continue getting bigger and better.

As of January 12th, 2016, Snapchat was estimated to have 7 billion video views a day, and this number is only expected to soar over the next 12 months. With the app fast becoming hot property and a must have for any smartphone user, Outsource Australia recently shared with their contractors the names of some inspirational people that they should be adding on Snapchat.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Host of the famous #AskGaryVee show and owner of 2 multimillion dollar companies, this entrepreneur is the embodiment of hard work, and his Snapchats achieve an inspirational mix of graft and passion. Watching him work, it’s impossible for people not to feel motivated to make more of an effort themselves.

Grant Cardone

Regular referred to as the king of sales, Cardone is the classic example of someone who found his talent, and then used it to work their way up the ranks and become a person of great influence. Cardone’s Snapchats offer viewers top tips on achieving both professional and personal success, and share some of his trade secrets for standing out from the masses.

DeStorm Power

Social media star Destorm Power has well documented his life experiences and hardships during his whirlwind rise to fame. In his Snapchats, Power offers morning motivation – allowing people to ask him questions over Twitter and receive engaging insight and advice.

Outsource Australia specializes in creating personalized quality results for clients through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. The Outsource Australia management team has many years of experience in a range of leading industries, specializing in Telecommunications, Energy, Film, Security, Health & Beauty, Promotional Markets and the Charity Sector.

Outsource Australia regularly hold daily motivational meetings to help their contractors achieve consistently good results and believe short, to  their point bursts of motivation throughout the day such as this, can help keep professionals on course to succeed.