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Specialists in face-to-face personalised marketing campaigns, Outsource Australia recognise how important effective communication is.  As customer acquisition specialists and experts in speaking to people, the firm communicates with consumers on a daily basis and has vast experience in efficient communication.

By meeting with customers face-to-face, Outsource Australia understands how important communication is and getting it right is pivotal to success. The firm believes that the key to effective communication is adhering to the 7 C’s:  clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous.  Here the firm has outlined the 7 C’s of communication in order to help people master the art of communication.


1) Clear

The number one rule of communication is to make sure the message is clear and easy to understand.  Whether it is in written or verbal communication, individuals must remember to keep it short, sweet and simple, claims Outsource Australia. “Don’t overcomplicate it, the best communication with a customer is when we keep it straight to the point and easy to understand,” said a spokesperson for Outsource Australia.


2) Concise

By being concise, individuals are able to give a lot of information clearly and in as few words as possible. Outsource Australia are urging individuals to stick to the point and keep it brief. By communicating in a concise manner, the audience can gain a clear picture of what they’re being told.


3) Concrete

A concrete message is communicated in a way where the audience has a clear picture of what they are being told. It is delivered using facts and laser-like focus.


4) Correct

A correct message targets the audience it is being delivered to. Correct communication will not involve any errors and will be easily absorbed.


5) Coherent