“Be careful what you say!” Outsource Australia reveals how tone and language make all the difference in customer service

Melbourne-based Outsource Australia have researched into how tone and language can make a huge difference to customer service and have revealed their top 4 tips for connecting with consumers using positive customer service language.

Sales and marketing specialists, Outsource Australia are confident that the key to building a positive perception of a brand among consumers is to use the correct tone and language. Tone and language will determine whether a customer walks away raving about a brand or convinced never to return.

Outsource Australia highlight that in this digital age – with many businesses opting for self-service or pre-recorded customer service methods – consumers have very little faith in businesses to provide an exceptional customer service. “Businesses are expected to fail when it comes to customer service, but this attitude gives businesses a chance to raise the bar and be the brand which delivers,” states a spokesperson for Outsource Australia.

Here, Outsource Australia have shared their top 4 tips on how to speak to consumers in order to drive a positive reaction:

Always have empathy
“Your customers are your friends, your allies and the lifeblood of your business,” reveals Outsource Australia. “You should never end a conversation with ‘what else do you want?’ as this sounds like you want to get rid of them!” The firm recommends that brands always put themselves on a level-playing field and to speak to consumers like they’re valued and that the brand is more than happy to help.

Every word matters
Enter conversations, don’t just close tickets. When responding to customers it is important to use the same language they use, outlines Outsource Australia.

Think of your words as signposts
Emphasize specific words to let customers know where they need to go. “When a customer comes to you for help, it’s like they are asking for directions. How you use your words determines whether they get to the destination or not. The more guidance you offer, the happier they’ll be,” reveals Outsource Australia.

Always ask for feedback
“Practice responses with your team and get feedback on whether your words show empathy, care and provide a solution in an insightful way,” suggests Outsource Australia.

Outsource Australia is a Melbourne-based sales and marketing agency specialising in face-to-face methods of marketing. By connecting with consumers on a one-to-one basis the firm are able to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Outsource Australia chose to specialise in face-to-face marketing as they believe this allows them to convey their message using the tone and language that consumers want to hear. The firm believes that this offers a better customer service to consumers compared to online and digital marketing methods.

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